GreenThreeLife started out as a personal endeavor to improve my own health and well-being.  Working as a nurse in the medical field I saw and still see the consequences of living an unhealthy lifestyle.  

I started to make strides towards eating healthier by buying organic, limiting my exposure to environmental toxins, and reducing my intake of processed foods.  The further I went down this path of making healthier and eventually greener choices, I realized those decisions weren’t just benefiting me but they were benefiting the environment as well.

 All of this happened gradually over time, I made mistakes, overpaid for organic food, and bought overpriced “green” products.  Eventually, I streamlined my efforts; I shopped smarter, made my organic purchases count, used homemade natural cleaners, and not only did I match my previous months’ spending, I actually saved money in the process.

Fast forward a few years, I was looking for ways to save some extra money for a vacation.  After searching for hours and eventually days online for tips and ideas, I narrowed down a solid list of ways to make money – mostly from home.

Then I had a light bulb moment.  Why not help others by showing them different ways to make and save money?  Why not give them easy, practical, and natural recipes that will help them live a healthier lifestyle, without spending days or weeks to find out how?  

Well with that, GreenThreeLife was born, providing you with easy to follow recipes, methods, tips, and ideas that will help you live naturally, save money, and make money too. 

Thank you for visiting the site and may the GreenThreeLife staff and I help you in your pursuit to live a more natural and healthier lifestyle.

– The GreenThreeLife Staff