Grease Stain Removal: The Natural Way

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There are few things in this world tougher to remove than grease:  

  • Dingy yellow grease stains on the stove top
  • Greasy smudges on your clothes
  • Oily hand prints on the walls
  • Grease build up on the counter top

No matter where it’s found, grease is an unforgiving invader that doesn’t quit.  


Fair enough, this grease stain removal recipe was created to wipe out the toughest grease stains and it works practically on any surface.  Keep in mind that embedded grease stains will cling to surfaces as if their lives depend on it, so be sure to read our “How to Use It” section below, so you’ll know exactly how to apply this grease remover and have the best chance of removing grease the first time.


To make this ultra tough, natural grease stain remover, you’ll only need a few items.  You can find them easily by clicking the links in the recipe list below.







Grease Stain Removal Recipe


White Vinegar (10 ounces or 296 ml) 

Essential Lemon Oil ( half an ounce or 15 ml)

Essential Orange Oil (half an ounce or 15 ml)

Amber Glass Spray Bottle (16 ounce or 473 ml)

Water (4 ounces or 118 ml)






How To Mix and Make it

1. In the Amber glass spray bottle (glass is better suited for essential oils) pour in the white vinegar and water

2. Next, add the essential lemon oil and essential orange oil

3. Finally, swirl and gently agitate the solution until it’s thoroughly mixed, about 30 seconds.

4. Now your natural grease stain remover is ready.






How To Use It

To remove grease stains around your home, simply spray the natural grease stain remover on the desired surface, let it sit for 1-2 minutes and then start cleaning the surface with a cloth or scrub brush.

This is a powerful natural grease remover.  Vinegar alone can often cut grease, but the added power of essential lemon oil and orange oil, make this recipe even better.  That said, with great cleaning power comes great responsibility, so be careful when using this recipe.

This grease remover works best on non-porous surfaces like kitchen counter tops, stoves, ceramic floors and the like.  It can absolutely work on clothing but the acid from the vinegar can cause some colors to fade.  If you decide to use this natural grease remover on your hands, only allow it to set for 15 seconds and then wash your hands with warm water and soap.


*For Grease Stain Removal From Clothing*

The safest option to remove grease stains from clothing is to use lemon oil all by itself.  Simply use your fingers to rub in the lemon oil and agitate and rub out the grease stain as much as possible and wash the clothing immediately.  Don’t put the clothing into the dryer until the stain is completely removed, heat can lock in stains and make them much more difficult to remove.






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