Homemade Organic Bug Spray for Gardens | Works on Aphids, Mites, And More….

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If you’ve gardened before, you may know the names of some of the following garden pests: Aphids, army worms, cabbage loopers, grasshoppers, white flies, squash bugs.  


The list goes on and on, but the nuisance of garden insects eating up your prized produce doesn’t have to continue.  


We’ve compiled a list of the most common garden insects that will wreak havoc on your garden and found a natural way to keep them at bay.  As always, we keep our recipes non-toxic, but make no mistake, natural doesn’t mean weak.  


This Organic Bug Spray is very strong, and harnesses the power of some of the most potent natural elements to keep your garden as pest free as possible. 






Here’s a short list of some of the insects this spray will repel:

  • Ants
  • Aphids
  • Beatles
  • Chiggers
  • Cutworms
  • Flies
  • Mites
  • Slugs
  • And more…

Feel free to get started right away, the ingredient list and easy to follow mixing instructions below will have you fighting off swarms of insects in no time flat.







Homemade Organic Bug Spray 

  • Filtered Water (10 ounces or 296 ml)








Mixing Instructions


1. Open the spray bottle and pour in 10 ounces of water


2. Pour in the Peppermint oil, Cedarwood oil, Thyme Oil, and Orange Oil


3. Pour in the allotted amount of natural soap


4. Close the spray bottle and gently mix the solution for 10-15 seconds


5. For a full bottle, feel free to add a few more ounces of water






How to use it

This solution is sprayed directly on the insects and around the areas where they may invade.  Try not to apply the Organic Bug Spray directly on your plants as large amounts of essential oils can cause wilting.  Spray around the plants on the dirt and the perimeter of your garden.

Just an FYI, this solution can change the Ph and composition of the soil, so apply the solution very lightly.  Just a small amount every couple days or so will go a long way.






The Final Touch

In order to give your garden an extra layer of security, there is a final touch that will go a long way in protecting your produce.  One day after using the natural bug spray, take a bag of Diatomaceous earth and sprinkle the powder all around your garden.  The powder can go directly on your plants, but be careful, though this powder is natural, it can harm good insects like pollinators.  So apply the powder lightly when using it directly on plants.


Wait!  What on earth is Diatomaceous earth?

Ohhh, right.  Diatomaceous earth (Die-atto-may-shus) is a white powder formed from the microscopic skeletons of algae, also called diatoms.  It’s completely natural and is very effective.  When diatomaceous earth powder gets on most insects, it will dry them out and eliminate them from your garden.









What’s next?

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