How to Make All-Natural Dryer Sheets

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When it comes to washing laundry, the most natural options are usually the best options. But what happens after you finish washing? Do you go back to the synthetic stuff when you dry? Not if you’re using our way. No clothes lines or clothing pins needed. In just a few easy steps, we’re going to show you how to make all-natural dryer sheets.

If you haven’t tried our dryer sheets before, then this unbelievably easy recipe will certainly be worth a try. 



 All-Natural Dryer Sheets:

Wild & Free Scent


6 Tablespoons ( 89 ml) of Distilled Water 
6 Tablespoons (89 ml) of White Vinegar 
1 Tablespoon (15 ml) of Vegetable Glycerin 
3 Drops of Wild Orange Essential Oil 
3 Drops of Frankincense Essential Oil
Essential Oil Dropper 
Glass Mixing Bowl 


4×4 inches (10×10 cm) cotton or linen cloth squares






Pour the distilled water and white vinegar into a glass mixing bowl.


Next, add the vegetable glycerin to the mixing bowl.


Add the listed essential oils from the recipe into the mixing bowl or 6 drops of your favorite essential oil(s)


Mix the solution with a wooden or metal spoon as essential oils will degrade plastic & silicone materials. 




Simply cut out a few cloth squares, add them to the mixing bowl and thoroughly saturate them. 

Squeeze majority of the liquid out of the dryer sheet into the bowl.

Take the damp dryer sheet and toss it in the dryer along with your wet laundry at the start of the drying cycle. 



Natural Tip:

Keep in mind that essential oils aren’t going to be as strong as the perfumes used in conventional dryer sheets.  If you want to strengthen the scent, simply add a couple more drops of essential oil to the recipe, or just add a couple more dryer sheets to your laundry.  This recipe makes more than enough natural dryer sheets for one load of laundry.



No time for the recipe?

If you’re short on time and need something ready made, here’s a great natural option:

Meyers Dryer Sheets: Find them here




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