Naturally Soften and Freshen Your Laundry: Awesome DIY Recipe

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It’s fair to say that clothes have been around for a very long time, and the idea of washing those clothes has been around for almost the same amount of time (there were a few smelly years before people figured it out).  

So ever since that time, we’ve wanted to find ways to not only clean our clothes, but to freshen them and soften them as well.  The most well known way to soften laundry is with a typical store bought fabric softener.  

But have you ever heard of a natural way to go about softening laundry? If not, that’s alright, you’ll know exactly how to do it after today.





In order to make the natural fabric softener, you’ll just need a few items from the ingredient list 



Lavender-Rose Natural Fabric Softener

*Why Amber glass?  Essential oils are sensitive to light, the amber glass will help preserve the integrity of the essential oils.  Also, essential oils have a tendency to corrode plastic as well.






How to Mix & Make It

1. Pour the distilled water through a funnel into the amber glass bottle, then pour the white vinegar in the same way.


 2. Next, add the vegetable glycerin through the funnel into the bottle.


3. Add the essential oil drops through the funnel into the bottle.


4. Lastly, secure the amber glass bottle with the lid and gently shake the solution for 30 seconds.


5. Your all natural fabric softener is now ready to go.






Just add a half a cup (118 ml) of natural fabric softener to one load of laundry during the final rinse cycle.  If you don’t want to wait around for the final rinse cycle, you can always use a dispenser ball.







Choose Your Own Scent Blend:

You don’t have to use lavender and rose essential oils for this fabric softener, feel free to use whatever blend of natural essential oils you find appealing.  We would suggest you use the allotted amounts of 10 total drops of essential oil for this recipe, as you don’t want the scent to be too weak or too strong.




If you want to have a scent-free fabric softener, simply don’t use the essential oils.  If you go this route, you won’t need an amber glass bottle either and can simply use a clear glass bottle.







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This article contains affiliate links, find out more by reading our policy and disclosures