The Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicle: 100 MPG For Less than $10,000

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Over 100 miles to the gallon?  Impossible right?  Not at all. There are plenty of vehicles out there that offer amazing fuel economy, we just happen to overlook them.


In Europe, Asia and many other continents around the globe, gas prices are much higher than they are in the United States.  Even North America isn’t completely exempt, just take a trip across the border into Canada, and watch how quickly the gas prices increase.


In order to save money despite the high gas prices, many people purchase smaller vehicles with better fuel economy so they can get the most miles per gallon.  






What’s the over 100 mpg vehicle we’re referring to?  The scooter of course.


Scooters are extremely fuel efficient and can cost 10x less than a conventional midsize sedan.  In addition to the alluring price point, they also use a lot less gas.





So exactly how many miles per gallon can a scooter get?

Many scooter companies are reluctant to share exactly how many miles per gallon their vehicles offer because it can vary according to the weight of the driver and the road conditions.  

That being said, some companies have decided to release the mpg numbers and one of those companies happens to be Yamaha.  A short time ago they introduced a scooter that can get up to 103 miles per gallon. That’s insane!  The scooter is called the Yamaha Zuma 125


Full disclosure, we do not have any affiliation with Yamaha and we do not profit in any way by you checking out their scooter or purchasing it.  It’s simply an amazing machine that can save you a lot of money.

The Zuma is definitely not the vehicle to use for a family vacation but if you have to make a quick run to the store, an appointment, or even to work, it’s perfect.  Every mile that you put on this or any other scooter adds up to more money saved on gas and less wear and tear on your vehicle.


The Yamaha Zuma is a bit pricey as far as scooters go, but to be fair, Yamaha is a notable brand name.  The total cost of the Zuma is between $3,000-3,500 but there are far cheaper options that may get you similar gas mileage and performance as well.






Here are just a few:


X-Pro 150 cc Moped  

  • Max Speed 55+ mph, Comes with gloves, goggles, and hand grips – Ships from California
  • Priced below $1,000
  • Find it here






Tao Tao Power Max 150cc Scooter








TaoTao ATM 50


Making some extra money is great, but holding on to the money you have is just as important. Getting a fuel efficient vehicle like a scooter is a great way to save lots of money.  Shop around locally for a good deal and definitely take a look at the options we’ve listed above as well.







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