The Perfect Face Mask for Oily Skin: DIY & Natural

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Oily skin is incredibly tricky.  On one hand, it’s good to have naturally occurring oils on your skin, but in excess, skin oil can leave your face looking and feeling greasy.    


On the other hand, you never want to completely strip the natural oils from your skin either, that’s just not healthy, and will only damage your skin in the long term.  The best option is to naturally cleanse and moisturize your skin in a balanced way that leaves your skin looking and feeling refreshed. 


We present the perfect face mask for oily skin, or as we like to call it – The Golden Milk Facial.  It harnesses the properties of a few natural ingredients that will leave your skin looking fresh and renewed.  Follow the easy recipe below and get started on your Golden Milk Facial today.






The Golden Milk Facial


  • Milk (Dairy or Non-Dairy) – 3 Tablespoons (44 ml)
  • Water to thin or thick the mask consistency to your liking






Let’s Mix It

1. In a small bowl, mix in all the liquid ingredients (milk, lemon juice)


2. Next, add the dry ingredients, the rice flour and turmeric.


3. Mix all the ingredients until they are thoroughly combined, at least 1 minute of mixing.


4. If the mask is too dry for your liking, feel free to add a little water until the texture suits you.  Keep in mind, if the mask contains too much liquid, you may have to leave it on longer (15 minutes more).







Let’s Apply It

1. Make sure when you apply the mask, your face is completely clean.  Rub in the mask as you apply it for an exfoliating effect.


2. Leave the mask on and let it settle for 20-25 minutes.


3. Rinse off the mask with lukewarm water.


4. Look in the mirror and smile, your face should glowing like gold.








Next Up…

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