Amazing Glass Cleaner Recipe: The Only One You’ll Ever Need

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To date, this has to be our easiest recipe.  No essential oils or extras are necessary for this one.  Just mix two simple ingredients together, and one of them is practically free.  


As soon as this glass cleaner recipe is mixed, it will be ready to leave your glass sparkling and shining after just one cleaning.


Keep in mind this recipe is multi-use and can be used on the following:

  • Wine Glasses
  • Glass Mugs and Cups
  • Windows
  • Glass Tables
  • All things glass….


Before you get started, you’ll need just a couple items from the list below.  You can find them easily by clicking the links below:





White Vinegar (12 ounces or 355 ml)


Water (3 ounces or 89 ml)


Spray Bottle(16 ounce or 473 ml)





How to Mix it

  • Pour the white vinegar and water into the spray bottle.
  • Secure the spray bottle top and gently swirl the solution for a few seconds and your natural glass cleaner is ready.  That’s easy right?





How to Use It?

You don’t have to use a spray bottle for this glass cleaner recipe, but it makes the application of the cleaner so much easier.  If you have wine glasses that need cleaned, spray them. Glass tables? Glass figurines? Simply spray them and wipe them with a clean cloth or paper towel and you’re done.  


If you have heavily soiled glass, we suggest you wash it with warm soap and water first.  Then after drying the glass, use the natural glass cleaner and your glass should have a proper shine in no time.





If you decide to add any essential oils to this recipe, please use an Amber Glass Spray Bottle.  Essential oils breakdown plastics and are sensitive to light.






What’s Next?

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