The Best Natural Window Cleaner

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This natural window cleaner recipe is so simple and easy, we actually hesitated to post it.  But after doing some research, we found that a lot of people still have a hard time finding a natural window cleaner that actually works.  So we decided to put our hesitations aside, and share this practical and amazingly simple recipe with you.


This recipe has a grand total of two ingredients, and one of those ingredients is practically free.  Have some doubts?  Don’t worry, those two ingredients are more than enough to create a natural window cleaner that will brighten your windows and your home.  


Before you get started with this recipe, you’re going to need a few things.  You can get them on your own, or you can find them easily by clicking the items on the ingredient list below.







White Vinegar (12 ounces or 355 ml)

Water (3 ounces or 89 ml)

Spray Bottle(16 ounce or 473 ml)





1. Pour the white vinegar and water into the spray bottle.


2. Secure the spray bottle top and gently swirl the solution for a few seconds and your natural window cleaner is ready.  That was easy right?





For most dirty windows, just spray them with the natural window cleaner, let the solution set for just a few seconds and wipe the window with a clean cloth or paper towel.  

If your windows are extra dirty, try washing them with warm soap and water first.  After drying them, use the natural window cleaner as directed and those windows should be sparkling before you know it.



Quick Tip

If you decide to add an essential oil to this recipe, please use an Amber Glass Spray Bottle, essential oils breakdown plastics and are sensitive to light.






What’s Next?

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