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When it comes to killing germs in the home, no one wants to skimp on the quality of their disinfectant.  This is  understandable, but it often leads to the purchase of the familiar chemical based cleaners that are sold in stores.


If people knew just how easy it is to make powerful, and natural homemade disinfectants at home, they would most likely give it a try and leave those chemical based cleaners in the store where they belong.  


If you are looking for an easy, affordable, and of course, natural disinfectant for your home, then look no further. In just a few steps, you will mix your very own, all natural kitchen disinfectant.  All you need is a few natural ingredients, a spray bottle, and you’ll be ready to clean. Let’s get started!







Lemon-Thyme Kitchen Disinfectant

  • Distilled Water – 4 ounces (118 ml) 






Let’s Mix It

  • Pour 10 ounces of White Vinegar into the spray bottle. 
  • Next pour in the 4 ounces of water.
  • Close the bottle and gently swirl for 30 seconds and you’re done. Easy.





Just a little FYI

This is a powerful cleaner, but if you want a long lasting, clean, and fresh scent afterwards, don’t hesitate to add a little more lemon or thyme oil.  Don’t worry, adding more lemon or thyme oil won’t hurt the potency of the disinfectant at all, it will only complement it.




Where can I use it?

This is an awesome cleaner for kitchen countertops and sinks.  This lemon-thyme all natural disinfectant can be used to clean your floors (may not be suitable for wood surfaces) and you can spray it inside your kitchen trash can to clean and freshen as you go.  This works best on non-porous surfaces.








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