Cruelty-Free Pest Removal: No Kill Option for your Home and Garden

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From the moment you start growing fruits and veggies in your garden, you can hardly wait until they’re ready to harvest.  Unfortunately you’re not the only one.  There are many animals that are staring at your veggies, mouths watering, just waiting for an opportunity to take a bite.


Fortunately, a little fencing can keep some animals away during the day but at night is when the real garden predators come out to play: rabbits, raccoons, deer, rats, mice and many others.


It’s fair to say no one wants to wake up in the morning to see half eaten vegetables in their garden with animal droppings left as payment.  So how do we deal with this issue? 


Well after much research, we can conclude that the answer won’t be found in your typical animal repellents.  We’ve often heard about dried mint, or cotton balls with mint oil being used as a garden pest repellent. Here’s the flaw in using those methods.  Dried mint is naturally biodegradable and when placed outdoors, it will degrade even faster. You would have to drop dried mint daily in your garden, and depending on how big your garden is, that cost could add up very quickly.  Even fresh mint grown in your garden will only occupy a certain area and may not be strong enough to keep larger garden pests away.






What About Cotton Balls Dipped In Mint Oil?

That’s even worse.  The cotton will lose its scent after a few days or a week at the most.  Now you’re left with useless, dirty cotton balls all over your garden. Every week you would have to pick up the old cotton balls and drop new ones.  That method is very time consuming, and with all the mint oil you would have to use, it wouldn’t be worth the cost.



A Simple Solution For Pests

In the interest of saving time and money, we found a cost effective solution to the garden pest problem that uses a well tested and reviewed method:  LED light based pest repellent.

You read it right.  Light based devices that repel pests from your garden, are incredibly easy to set up, and as an added bonus, they’re also powered by the sun.  The devices charge during the day and will activate automatically at night and will last up to 12 hours. A powerful blinking red LED light is used to deter nocturnal pests and keep them away from your garden and/or your home.  You can simply place the small solar powered devices in any area you want to keep safe from the intrusion of nocturnal animals.






Do These Solar Powered Pest Repellers Cover a Large Area?

Definitely.  The light covers an area up to a half a mile long (800 meters) and about 800 feet wide (244 meters).  That’s an impressive amount of coverage and that’s only when you’re using ONE device.  

Keep in mind, a total of four solar powered devices come in a pack.




Is It Difficult To Set Up?

Not at all.  You simply take the device out of the box, remove the wrapping, and mount or place the device on a wooden structure to keep it in place.  It comes with an easy to follow instruction manual that gives you tips on where to place the LED pest repellent devices.




What If It Rains or Snows?

No problem.  The Solar Powered Pest Repellent devices are water-proof, so if it rains, or pours, they will still remain effective.





Are The Devices Heavy?

Not at all.  Each device only weighs 12 ounces (340 grams).  That is less than a pound.





Where Can I Find the Devices?

That’s easy.  You can find it here, if you want to take a closer look at the devices and read the 4.5/5 Star reviews:

Solar Powered LED Pest Repellent Devices: A Cruelty-Free and Non-toxic Option by Univerayo







What about insect garden pests?

We’ve handled repelling the animals, but what about the insects?  No problem.  Here’s a simple way to repel common garden insects that are keeping an eye or two, or three on your veggies.

All Natural Garden Insect Repellent