Non-Toxic Oven Cleaner

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When is the right time to clean your oven?

The answer. There is never really a good time to clean your oven. It’s messy and it takes a lot of effort, and you typically have to use a toxic spray that absolutely shouldn’t come in contact with your skin or eyes. We can’t change everything about cleaning ovens, but we can take out the toxic spray.


This non-toxic and chemical free oven cleaner recipe is tough enough to remove any gunk in your oven. One of the best parts about the recipe is that it leaves your oven spotless with no harmful fumes in the process.






1 Full cup of Baking Soda (240 grams)


6 fluid ounces (177 ml) of Natural Dish Soap  


White Vinegar



How do I mix it?

This is one of the easiest recipes to mix, simply take a bowl and pour in the natural dish soap and add a full cup of baking soda and mix it.  If necessary, add more baking soda or more dish soap until you reach a thick paste like consistency.


How do I use it?



  • Make sure your oven is off and has been off for a long enough time that it’s completely cool to the touch.


  • It’s usually easier to start this oven cleaning process in the evening, because you want to give the natural oven cleaner at least 8 hours to soak in.  Whatever time you decide, just make sure you have enough time, at least 8 hours, for the oven cleaner to soak in and break down all of that gunk.


  • You may want to wear a pair of gloves, the natural oven cleaner won’t cause you any harm but whatever is stuck inside your oven just might.


  • With gloved hands apply the natural oven cleaner inside of your oven, covering all the areas you wish to clean.  Take a scrub brush (Don’t scrub too hard or you’ll damage your oven) and give a quick pre-cleaning scrub to the areas you wish to clean, this process should take no more than 2-3 minutes. This pre-cleaning ensures the oven cleaner is thoroughly applied, and will make things much easier to clean later.




  • After waiting over night, or 8 hours, it’s time to start cleaning. 


  • Take the same scrub brush and give the inside of the oven a good and thorough scrubbing, you should notice the gunk coming off already.


  • After scrubbing the oven, wipe down the inside of the oven with a sponge soaked in warm water.  Rinse and repeat as necessary.




What about the oven racks?

Off course, the dreaded oven racks.  Those are even easier to clean. Remember the vinegar from the ingredient list?  Simply soak the oven racks overnight in white vinegar. After you finish cleaning the oven, simply use the same natural oven cleaner to scrub off the remaining residue from the oven racks.  The vinegar should do most of the work for you. Rinse and re-scrub as necessary.




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