Pet Odor Removal: The Fast & Natural Way That Actually Works

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Pets are great, and if we’re being completely honest about it, they’re amazing. That being said, all amazing pets have to start off somewhere, and whether they are freshly picked out of the litter, or they’re a new rescue, they typically start off by pooping and peeing everywhere. 


It’s okay, that’s a part of the process and we’re here to make that process just a little bit easier.  That is why we came up with a pet odor removal method that is fast, natural, and actually works.  


In a few easy steps, you’ll learn how to get rid of pet odors and stains quickly and also keep your pet from coming back to that same spot and leaving chocolate drops for you to pick up over and over again.  Are you ready? Let’s go….






Step 1: Soak it up & Pick it up

The first step is to soak up any urine and pick up any feces that may be embedded in your carpet or upholstery.  Soak up and pick up as much as you can, this will make the next few steps much easier and will shorten the overall cleaning time.  You can use an everyday cleaning rag for this, but a paper towel may work best and will help lessen any additional clean up once you’re all through.





Step 2:  Dry it up & Scrub it up

The second step will help to thoroughly absorb and dry up any residual waste that still may be left in the carpet or upholstery.  This is established by sprinkling a low cost, and natural odor eliminator right down on the carpet; y’up, baking soda.  Sprinkle the baking soda over the areas that you would like to clean. Grab a scrub brush or cloth and thoroughly scrub or wipe the area.





Step 3:  Suck it up

Step number three is going to require a  vacuum.  That is the only way we recommend you go about sucking up the poo residuals from your carpet, no straws allowed.  Before you start vacuuming, allow the baking soda to absorb and dry for at least 45-60 minutes. After you vacuum the area, that should take up majority of the urine and whatever feces that may be left in or on your carpet.  

Just to make sure, follow step 4 to ensure your carpet is spotless.




Step 4: Sprinkle and Spray

This final step will help clean up any residual elements that are still clinging on to the fibers of your upholstery. 

Simply sprinkle some more baking soda on the area and then spray or pour a small amount of white vinegar on the area.  The baking soda and vinegar will start to bubble up, act quickly and scrub or wipe the area while this reaction is taking place. 

Though baking soda and white vinegar neutralize each other to some degree, the reaction that occurs will help break up any residue that is left.  We have to say that some studies have concluded that soap suds or bubbles do not assist in the cleaning process.  Based on practical every day cleaning experience, we say they do help.  So take advantage of that extra friction and scrub up the remaining residue. 

If you want to skip the bubbles, simply use white vinegar for this step.  Vinegar is an excellent addition to the cleaning process because it has natural antibacterial properties and will do a great job of eliminating any residual odors from your carpet.  You can pat dry the area with a towel to speed up the drying process.




What if the area is clean but there are still visible stains?

Great question, we have an answer for that, right below.


Step 5: Bleach it (Alternatively)

At this point, the area should be thoroughly cleaned, but just because it is clean doesn’t always mean that is completely stain free.  That is why we added step number five, bleach it, or alternatively bleach it that is. You can accomplish this alternative bleaching process by using hydrogen peroxide, a color safe and common bleach alternative.  Pour or spray (your preference) a little on the stained area and scrub the area thoroughly. The combination of the stain removing hydrogen peroxide and the friction from scrubbing, should remove any residual stains.




The Final Touches

Now that everything is completely clean, you may be wondering how soon before you’ll have to go through this process again.  This common question is usually phrased something like, “most pets have a great sense of smell, what if they come back to the same spot to pee or poop again?”

That’s a completely understandable question and the solution isn’t always easy but this should put you at ease.  If you followed all the steps above, the accident should be cleaned completely and the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide should have done more than enough to take care of the rest.  Just in case you want to add a little something extra to your pet odor elimination arsenal try this quick and easy blend:





Don’t Pee or Poop here again, Pet Odor Removal Spray





How to Mix & Make It

  1. Fill the Amber Glass Spray Bottle with the indicated amounts of alcohol.
  2. Add either 30 drops of Lemon Oil OR 30 drops of Cedarwood Oil based on your scent preference.
  3. Cover the spray bottle and close tightly.  Gently swirl the solution for 30 seconds or until thoroughly mixed.
  4. Now you have a quick and easy post treatment for your pet odor elimination process. Both scents are very distinct and do a great job of eliminating any residual odors that may be lingering and can deter your pet from coming back and soiling the area again.




What’s next?

Great, you’ve got the pet odor and stains taken care of in the living room, but what about the kitchen?  Click here for a powerful and natural kitchen disinfectant recipe.