Natural Air fresheners: That Really Work

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Those air fresheners in the store look amazing don’t they?  The emerald green rain forest, the raging water falls, the endless valleys of lavender; they certainly do a good job of capturing your attention. 


While the pictures on the outside of the can may be great, the chemicals on the inside of the can?  Ehhh, not so great.  More often than not, store bought air fresheners are full of propellants, solvents, and other chemicals. 


We think if people were aware of how easy it is to make a natural air freshener, they would definitely give it a try.  That’s why we put together a list of natural air freshener recipes that cut down on chemicals but are still strong enough to get the odor eliminating job done.   


Like most of our recipes, these natural air fresheners all have four appealing qualities:

They are…

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Natural
  • And last but not least, they really work

Scroll down to take a look at the three best natural air fresheners.






Number 3: Potpourri

Yes, you read it right, potpourri

Just the mention of potpourri, may bring back fond childhood memories of visits to grandmas house.  And if potpourri was good enough for G-ma, it should be good enough for you right?  While this may be an age old method of freshening the home, it really does work. 


Just in case you’ve never heard of potpourri before or even seen it, potpourri is simply a combination of dried flowers and spices.  Some people like to make their own potpourri at home, but if you don’t have that kind of time, that’s fine, you can easily find potpourri online.

I’m sure grandma would say that we don’t need to go any further down this list after mentioning potpourri, but if you want another option that has more of a modern feel, and is very popular as well, the second best natural air freshener will be perfect for you.






Number 2: Reed Diffusers

It’s possible you may have come across reed diffusers in the store or even at someone’s home before.  They are one of the most cost effective and coolest ways to keep your home smelling fresh.  

This air freshening method is budget friendly and incredibly easy to do.  You’ll only need a few low cost items to get started.  Just follow the recipe list below and your home will be naturally aromatized before you know it.


Natural Reed Diffusers with Essential Oils


Glass Diffuser Bottle 4 ounces (120 ml) – You may luck up and find glass diffuser bottles at the dollar store


 Safflower Oil 2 ounces (60 ml) – this will be used as the carrier oil for the essential oils


Isopropyl Alcohol 90% or higher 1 ounce (30 ml) – this will bind the scents and help carry the scent up the reeds and throughout your home


Reed Sticks 4-5 Reed sticks is standard but to adjust the intensity of the air freshener, add more reed sticks as necessary.  


The Essential Oil of your choice 


For a fresh scent, we recommend you try Wild Orange Essential Oil






Let’s Put It All Together

  1. First, take the glass diffuser jar and fill it with 2 ounces of safflower oil.
  2. Then, add your chosen essential oil(s).
  3. Next, add the alcohol and gently swirl the solution for 30 seconds.
  4. Lastly, add the reed sticks.
  5. Enjoy!






Which essential oils should I use?

That depends on the mood you’re trying to set in your home.  Here’s a few essential oils that should produce the type of scent and mood you’re looking for.


Fresh & Invigorating Mood

To set an invigorating mood in your home, try Wild Orange Essential Oil.  It is an amazingly fresh scent that you’ll love waking up and starting your day with.  Not to mention, it may serve as a nice pick me up after a busy day.




Calm & Tranquil Mood

If you want calm and tranquil notes floating around your home, then Vetiver Essential Oil is perfect.  It’s has a relaxing scent that introduces a sense of calmness. It has a woodsy, and almost earthy tone to it that you’ll certainly enjoy.




Fresh & Classic Scent

Lastly, there is Bergamot Essential Oil this essential oil is derived from the rind of the bergamot orange fruit.  It offers a sweet and citrusy scent that screams clean and fresh.  The fruity notes are not too strong but are far from underwhelming.  Bergamot provides a nice classic scent that carries a wonderfully fresh smell throughout your home.


Those two natural air fresheners should be more than enough to freshen up your home the natural way.  That being said, if you want one more natural air freshening option, number one is definitely THE ONE.  Not only does it freshen your home, it eliminates powerful, off-putting odors as well.







Number 1: The Baking Soda Air Freshener



While labeled as an air freshener, and it’s definitely an awesome one, it also serves double duty as an odor eliminator as well. One jar should freshen any room in your home, and just a few more jars should do the trick for the entire home.  It also works magic in small areas that are in need of constant freshening and deodorizing, such as the bathroom.

The ingredient list for the baking soda air freshener is rather small and its only composed of 4 items.


Baking Soda Air Freshener Ingredient List

A Mason Jar 8 ounce (237 ml)


 Baking Soda 4-6 ounces (114-170 grams) 


30-40 Drops of Essential Oil


1 Oil Dropper


1 piece of Cotton Cloth OR Linen Cloth 4×4 inch (10x10cm) breathable material 


Putting it all together

1. Pour the baking soda into the mason jar, make sure you fill it at least halfway or just past the halfway mark.


2. Drop in 15 drops of essential oil, and stir thoroughly for 30 seconds.


3. Put in another 15 drops of the same type or a different essential oil (DO NOT STIR).


4. Cover the jar with the breathable cloth material and secure with the open mason lid.


Finishing touches tip*

If you’re unable to close the mason jar lid properly, the cloth you’re using may be too thick, that’s okay, simply put the lid to the side and use a piece of string or twine to secure the cloth around the top of the jar.  You may end up liking this method better as it adds to the home made look of the air freshener.






Which Essential Oils to Use?

The combination of scents you can use for baking soda air fresheners are endless.  Here are just a few combinations that we’re sure you’ll love.


Pepper Rose: The Refreshing Scent

This scent is as refreshing as it is scintillating; Pepper Rose is one of our favorite scent combinations.  It infuses the cool and minty elements of peppermint with the woody, stimulating scent of rosemary. It’s a beautiful blend that you’ll surely use again and again. 

Just add 20 drops of Peppermint Oil & 10 drops of Rosemary Oil to the baking soda.



Stay Calm:  The Relaxing Scent

Girl relaxing in a field of lavender

By simply adding 25 drops of the calming and relaxing – Lavender Essential Oil and 12 drops of the flowery, smooth, yet penetrating Ylang Ylang Essential Oil you’ll find yourself in a state of tranquility in no time.  This scent combination will certainly set a calm mood for the home throughout the day, and relax your mind and body when it’s time for bed.



Eyes Wide:  The Awakening Scent

No matter how tired you are, certain scents just have the ability to bring you back to life and put you on your feet.  This essential oil combination will do just that.

With 30 drops of the lively Grapefruit Essential Oil and 20 drops of invigorating Lime Essential Oil, your home will have an energized feel.  Extra essential oil is used in this combination to increase the power of the scent. You can always tone it down by lowering the concentrations if you like.  In a small bathroom for example, a 20/10 drop combination would be more than enough.





Quick Tips

With time, the scent of these essential oils will fade, but before you toss the jar, just open it up and give it a stir; this should reignite the scent immediately. 

Once a week, feel free to add a few extra drops of essential oil to keep the freshening effects going. 

Lastly, to keep up the deodorizing power of this air freshener, be sure to pour out the baking soda and refill it with a fresh batch after two months of use.






What’s next?

These natural air fresheners are amazing but certain scents are just too powerful and overwhelming and need something with a little extra kick.  Click here for a quick guide to Natural Pet Odor Elimination.



Girl relaxing on the ground in the fall with leaves around her.

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